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We believe that time is the best investment in patients and their health and wellness.

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Bayswater Physiotherapy was founded in 2001 by James Rickard and David Moala and has grown from a part time, two therapist practice, to a vibrant, community based clinic, offering the services of 7 full and part-time therapists.

Why should you give us a call?

We pride ourselves on a commitment to quality service.

Bayswater Physiotherapy prides itself on delivering high quality physiotherapy services to ensure optimum client health and wellbeing. We believe this involves a thorough, detailed assessment followed by quality, effective, hands on manual therapy. Individually tailored exercise prescription complements our treatments to prevent injury recurrence.

We believe that time is the best investment in patients and their health and wellness.

Bayswater Physiotherapy's primary focus is "hands on" musculoskeletal manual therapy with emphasis on evidence based best practice treatment techniques and exercise prescription. We combine precise knowledge and expert skills and understand and value the importance of time spent with clients to ensure they receive quality treatment to achieve optimal outcomes.

We make the time to stay on top of leading research

We are committed to continually updating our clinical knowledge and skills through ongoing professional development and keeping abreast of the latest research.This ensures that clients receive the most effective treatment techniques resulting in optimum health and wellness.

We spend time with our patients to deliver quality, effective hands on treatment, to ensure the fastest possible recovery.

Bayswater Physiotherapy aims to get you "back on track" as soon as possible and to educate you appropriately to ensure you "stay on track".

Bayswater Physio Services

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Clinical Pilates & Functional Exercise Programs

We are pleased to announce that we now have a dedicated Clinical Pilates and Functional Exercise studio within our Practice. Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise focussing on training your postural and stability muscles. It can improve strength, flexibility, breathing and co-ordination and give you confidence to know how to move efficiently with the least amount of stress on your body.

Our Physiotherapists have undergone extensive training to be able to utilise Clinical Pilates as part of their treatment and rehabilitation process. The 1 on 1 or small group sessions may be suitable for any of the following conditions:-

Persistent or recurrent spinal or upper and lower limb injuries Post-operative Rehabilitation Acute or Chronic Sporting Injuries Strength and Balance Impairments Return to work programs Injury Prevention Prior to commencing a program all new participants are required to have an initial (30min) assessment with a qualified Physiotherapist followed by a minimum of two (30mins each) program development sessions.

These sessions are used to complete a full musculoskeletal and postural assessment, develop your individualised programme and teach you the specific exercises related to achieving your goals *PRIVATE HEALTH FUND REBATES APPLY FOR FUND MEMBERS If you would like further information please talk to your treating physiotherapist

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Spinal/Manipulative Physiotherapy

The Therapists at Bayswater Physio will thoroughly assess the underlying causes of your back and/or neck pain and devise a treatment strategy to help you tackle this common and often extremely debiltating problem. Our physios use a 'hands on' approach to treatment and all have extensive undergraduate and post graduate training to utilise the latest research and provide the client with the most appropriate treatment techniques and rehab activities.

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Sports Physiotherapy

Bayswater Physio has been an ongoing supporter of many sporting teams in the local area including AFL, Soccer, Cricket, Netball, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Tennis and Cheerleading. Our Therapists can assess the underlying cause of any acute or chronic sports injuries to help assist you to get back on the field or court sooner. Our ability to refer quickly and efficiently for any appropriate investigations (Xrays, MRI etc) can assist with a prompt diagnosis for any significant injuries which may require further medical evaluation.

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Workers Comp/Motor Vehicle Accident

Work Related and Motor vehicle accidents can be the cause of very significant and life changing injuries. Our Therapists at Bayswater Physio have a wealth of experience with this category of injuries and are able to guide you through this difficult time from early post injury care, right through to the late rehab. stages. A doctor's referral is required and for accepted claims we can normally bill your insurers directly saving you time and hassle.

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Arthritis care

The Therapists at Bayswater Physio can assist you to manage all different types of arthritic conditions to help you maintain optimal joint function.

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Headache and Migraine management

The Therapists at Bayswater Physio are trained to recognise and treat headaches or migraines that may be associated with dysfunction within the cervical spine joints (neck) or associated soft tissue. They can also formulate a programme to help you manage this problem in the future.

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Post-surgical rehabilitation

The Therapists at Bayswater Physio have many years experience in dealing with post orthopaedic surgical clients. We will commonly see many different conditions including Total Knee Replacement (TKR), Total Hip Replacement (THR), Rotator Cuff Repairs, ACL Reconstructions, Patellar Realignment Surgery, Upper Limb and Lower Limb Fractures, Joint Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) and many other different procedures. We will liase closely with your surgeon to ensure the best possible outcome following your surgery.

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Exericise-rehab/Gym Programs

The Therapists at Bayswater Physio can assist with appropriate fitness or rehab. programmes whether it be post injury or surgery, preventative or for general fitness or weight loss. For those clients who have suffered a work or motor vehicle related injury this may be able to be covered through your insurer.

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Veterans' Affairs

Our Therapists are all able to treat those clients covered by The Department of Veteran's Affairs with a valid doctors referral. This can be billed directly to Medicare.

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Home Consultations

We can assist with home consultations if required. Extra charges do apply.

For all Appointments please call

(08) 9279 5666

Open Hours

Opening hours are:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7.00am - 7.00pm

SATURDAY & SUNDAY (surcharge applies for new patients on Sundays) 7.30am - 12noon

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Meet the Team

featured image thumbnail for post David Moala

David Moala

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Member Australia Physiotherapy Association
  • Member Sports Physiotherapy Association
  • Member Musculoskeletel Physiotherapy Association
featured image thumbnail for post James Rickard

James Rickard

  • Bachelor of Science.
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association Member
  • Sports Physiotherapy Group Member
  • Musculoskeletel Physiotherapy Association
featured image thumbnail for post Christine Baverstock

Christine Baverstock

  • Bachelor of Science (Exercise Physiology)
  • Masters of Physiotherapy
  • Level 1 DMA Clinical Pilates
  • Member Australian Physiotherapy Association
featured image thumbnail for post Alwyn Simmonds

Alwyn Simmonds

  • M.A. Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Science (Exercise & Health)
  • Level 1 DMA Clinical Pilates
featured image thumbnail for post Justin Rudolph

Justin Rudolph

  • Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science)
  • Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy)
  • Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association
featured image thumbnail for post Cleo Thornett

Cleo Thornett

Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy)

featured image thumbnail for post Janet Woodhams

Janet Woodhams

  • Office Manager/Administration
featured image thumbnail for post Jody Ebsary

Jody Ebsary

  • Office Admin
featured image thumbnail for post Connie Meechin

Connie Meechin

  • Office Admin
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